Monday, June 18, 2007

Globulation in Arabic

I checked my contribution to the Globulation2 it is an amazing strategy game, i add bidi support and arabic translation files, seeing a game in you native language is amazing, if your native language is bidi go and translate it, if you are arabian you need to get latest fribidi from CVS in order to find arabic character shaped correctly

start Page In Arabic

The game in Arabic

Some Game Stats in Arabic Also

Even the last screen is in arabic

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Automated Gui Testing in Gsoc

This year 2007 a got the chance to be gsocer, my application is in developing a Gui Automated test suite (Dogtail UI test harness) for GnuCash. What I have in my hand right now
  • dogtail the tool used.
  • gnucash the AUT (application under test).
  • Ubuntu linux.
  • and of course python.
  • And Now lets start this journey.
There is other thing I have also the IDE, I tried to test some python IDE's but I always got a funny feeling I tried pydev (eclipse), but currently I'm a bit happy with Eric Python IDE though it doesn't have autocompele but i think i can handle it.